Who is this Dani and why she got a den?

Hello, my name is Dani and at 28 years old, I have no idea how to date. No, seriously I don’t. I’m pretty good meeting someone, charming them, convincing them that they should ask me out, but then once I snag the date, I don’t really know where to go from there. Ghosting has become a second language to me at this point and not as the ghoster per se, but rather the ghostee.

...anyone else feel the room get slightly colder?

I began online dating 7 years ago which, now reading that statement aloud, I find myself plagued with a tinge of shame. I am not sure exactly why this is, but I suspect it is something I will need to unpack with my therapist later. Hey Deb!

Starting with OkCupid, my journey into the world of dating eventually led me to Tinder, also known as the place where love goes to die, another dating app where personality profiles became something of a relic and were instead replaced by 3-5 well angled and filtered photos. But more on this later.

Why talk about my dating experiences so openly you (may) ask?

Well, the simple answer is this: why not? I have been on a path of self-discovery rooted in unlearning the many unhealthy patterns that I now realize have dictated my romantic life and beyond. And while I would quite literally rather boil rice one grain at a time than face the trauma from which these patterns were born, I feel it necessary as it can only bring about growth and healing.

And tbh, the legacy that is my love life is quite farcical and I genuinely think you would get a kick out of it.

When you come to danizden.wordpress.com, prepare to read stories about love, intimacy, relationships, mental health, and my personal favorite: good ol’ millennial angst.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride because…

Image courtesy of @tyler_spangler

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